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4 basic steps to make your own Mobile App

1. Planning Phase

Identify your objective that will achieved by the App (Your requirements)

 2. Design Phase

Designing Phase, UI (user Interface design) can be start from basic wire farming technique then you can design it in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop or Firework. Design should be much simpler as it possible, easy to use and easy to understand.

 3. Development Phase

Start from basic flow-chart, write a basic algorithm and develop.

 4. Testing & Reviews

After the development phase, you need to test the app, you can share with your friends or colleagues, accept their reviews, comments, suggestion and fix the error/bug. After this phase your app is ready to publish on the internet.

Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed is an IT Pro with 10+ years of experience in IT industry such as system and network engineering, data centers, virtualization and security. Working as a Sr. System Administrator in Saudi based engineering consulting company to handle a wider scope of responsibilities to keep IT operations running smoothly, prevent problems, tech support, network / system monitoring to improve performance and ensure 24×7 availability of all infrastructure resources.

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